A Guide to Promoting Health and Safety On Site

A Guide to Promoting Health and Safety On Site

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A construction site features more health and safety risks than almost any other workplace. This places a huge responsibility on those managing a worksite to ensure the safest working environment possible by implementing effective health and safety procedures.

This couldn’t be truer when dealing with heavy machinery. Whether hiring or buying the equipment, it is vitally important to promote good health and safety practices, as this not only ensures the safety of employees but also helps to create a more efficient workforce.

Check out the guide below for more info on prompting health and safety on site.

Safe Working Environment

Anyone in charge of a worksite is responsible for providing a safe working environment. So, to promote a good health and safety practice on site you must lead by example, ensuring that the site is safe to work in and that the safety is maintained throughout the project.

Workers cannot face any type of risks to their health on the site during the project, otherwise you have failed to provide appropriate health and safety measures. This includes machinery and equipment, so make sure that whatever you hire is safe to operate, while also restricting access to any dangerous areas on site.


You can only promote health and safety on site if the site itself is safe and secure. So, while you need to maintain a safe working environment for your employees, you also need to make sure the site is secure enough to prevent unrestricted access.

This includes fencing off the site, providing clear signs that the area is restricted, and providing notice of any potential hazards on site.

Safe Machinery

Plant hire specialists mustunderstand the importance of health and safety working with heavy machinery. These machines are incredibly dangerous when used incorrectly or irresponsibly, but they also pose risks when the machine itself isn’t up to standard.

To promote health and safety, you must always ensure that your hired or purchased machinery is the fully tested. Frequent checks and maintenance should be conducted on all plant hire, so look for companiesthat guarantee this standard of safety on all equipment.

This includes pre-testing, which is very important when dealing with plant hire, as it ensures that everything is in safe and working order before it arrives, helping to promote on site health and safety from the offset.

Staff Accountability

Anyone working on a site is accountable for their actions. This is one of the most important health and safety measures, as not holding an employee accountable for unsafe work practices only encourages others to do the same.

This is especially true for anyone responsible for operating plant hire equipment. You must ensure that those give this responsibility are fully aware of how to safely operate the machinery and the consequences of doing so dangerously.


It is important tor remember you have a duty to provide workers with adequate training when using hired machinery. While they may be familiar with the machine itself, on site training should always be provided regardless, as different machines require different health and safety measures when operating.

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