Few Advantageous Points Of Using Hydraulic Tensioner

Few Advantageous Points Of Using Hydraulic Tensioner

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When you are trying to hold a bolt in order to fit the nut, you will find that the bolt is acting like a spring. It happens in the fasteners where bolted joints are used. Therefore you need to stretch the bolt with sufficient force so that it can be perfectly clampled. The joint can be weak if the force exerted on bolt is not good enough or not uniform.

Therefore  employing a hydraulic tensioner you can very efficiently perform this operation. Following are few typical applications of hydraulic tensioner. It includes –

  • Pressure vessels
  • Pipeline flanges
  • Manways
  • Valves and pumps
  • Diesel engines
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cranes

  • Steam and gas turbines
  • Presses
  • Coal and rock grinders
  • Shaft couplings
  • Wind turbines
  • Catalyst reactors

By using hydraulic tensioners you can produce enough stretching force on the bolt so that you can ensure proper tightening of the fastener. Following few benefits you can get by using hydraulic tensioner.

  • Accurate loading of stud

Since hydraulic tensioner is controlled by amount of hydraulic pressure exerted by the pump and the area of hydraulic cylinder. Both these variables can be easily monitored and controlled. Therefore you can apply the right amount of load on the stud as it is needed.

  • Uniform stud loading

As mentioned above that hydraulic tensioner is connected to other tensioner and the pump. When hydraulic pressure is increased the pressure on the stud remains almost the same. Simultaneously, the flange of the cylinder come together at the same time and evenly creates uniform stud loading.

  • Safety and ease of use

There is a considerably high ratio between power to weight in hydraulic tensioner and as compared to any torque tool they are less bulky, lighter and much more easier to use. Any single operator can easily work on most of the application with very little effort. Various parts of hydraulic tensioner is handled by operator separately  and their weight is much lesser than any hydraulic wrench and socket if the same size of stud need to be tightened. As far as safety is concerned, hydraulic tensioner is much more safer than any wrenches or bolt heaters. Hydraulic pumps are also inherently explosion proof.

  • Increased stud life

By using hydraulic tensioner you can eliminate thread seizing and galling. The nut surface do not experience any pressre and therefore the life of the stud will be much better.

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