Four Reasons Not to Let a Recycling Truck Pick your Shredded Documents

Four Reasons Not to Let a Recycling Truck Pick your Shredded Documents

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Most businesseswant to operate ethically. They follow applicable laws. They try to protect the privacy of their employees and customers. These businesses safeguard their confidential business data while ensuring there is less impact on the environment.

Fortunately, document shredding helps businesses achieve these. They shred their documents and recycle the rest properly. This helps them maintain the privacy of sensitive data. In addition, this will minimize waste sent to the landfill. However, document destruction options are not made equal and some of them may not help a business meet their goals. That’s why businesses must hire a reputable document shredding company to take care of their shredding and recycling needs.

Below are some of the reasons to entrust shredding to a professional service:

Prevent Others from Taking Advantage of Someone’s Trash

Things thrown in the trash bin can become somebody else’s property. Thus, anybody can steal bags of shredded paper and reconstitute them. These people may have their own scanning and computer technologies that will help them achieve their plans. A Data thieves can use shredded documents to breach network defenses and steal customer identities.

Shredded Paper May Not Make it to the Recycling Center

There is always a possibility that shredded documents may not reach the recycling plant and be repurposed to make new paper products. The reason is that whatever goes into the center is sifted. This means that paper shreds from companies are small enough to meet government standards to protect consumer to protect consumer privacy. But, they may go through the cracks and reach the landfill instead of being recycled.

Paper Shreds may not be Transported Securely

Trucks used by recycling companies tend to look like other garbage trucks. Your shredded documents may be blown around and mix with other personal documents or items. In some cases, these documents sit on sorting floors for up to a month before being destroyed.

Recyclables are Sorted

This means that many employees can access your documents before destroying them. Paper has to be sorted in various grades before being recycled. This can be carried out by machines; however, the facility will also hire people to sort the documents what the machines cannot. Therefore, those documents can reach the hands of many employees before being recycled.

The best solution is to work with a provider of mobile shredding services. This ensures your needs are met during the process of data destruction. A lot of these companies also provide recycling services themselves.

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