Guide To Buying Mailing Lists the Right Way

Guide To Buying Mailing Lists the Right Way

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Direct mailing is witnessing a renaissance and proving to be an effective tool in marketing. However, the larger scope of direct marketing lies in the fact that not many people get direct mail anymore. When we go back in time, this was not the case. Most direct mail was never even opened. The most important aspect of today’s direct mailing includes the need for an effective system in making mailing list that happens to be relevant to your business or service. As most of us don’t have a mailing list lying around, we are going to have to buy lists from agencies. Discussed below are pointers you need before you do so.

Define your target.

Your campaign is always fuelled and crafted towards your target audience and as with other forms of marketing your primary step is defining your target and pulling out specifics with the right questions.

Define your desired data.

When you have a finalized list of targets, make them into categories and demographics for classification. This process will set your desired data needs that are helpful when contacting any agency for mailing lists. Also, other needs for personalization should also be considered at this stage for obtaining data.

Take a list of agencies.

This is an important step as the authenticity and expertise of the agency will determine the quality of the list and data that you pay for. Always rely on reference and reviews when you select agencies. Leaders in the market like are safe bets.

Ask for the specifics

While you are making your choices always remember to ask for the specifics such as the database provided and what kind of support are to be expected of the service. Other factors include the last updated dates and source. Many agencies only rent you the mailing list for once and are added to your database only when you get a response back.

Confirm with samples if needed.

You can always confirm your needs and even look if you need additional data when you cross-examine with a sample data piece.


This is a crucial step in the process as they provide you vital feedbacks at a lower price point that need strict monitoring and analysis to determine the effectiveness of the data and your copy.

Add your current data to the list.

When you have a successful test you are on your way to doing your successful direct mailing campaign. Always remember to add your current data list from records including any list of potential clients and past customers who may be valuable assets in the success of the campaign.

There’s a rule of thumb that states that 70% of the success of a direct mail program depends on the list, 20% on the offer, and 10% on the creative. Purchasing a mailing list for a direct mailing really requires deliberate homework to be sure that the list you buy is a good one for your needs and checks at least the general pointers that we have discussed above.

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