In an emergency, think lockdown

In an emergency, think lockdown

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In our modern society, being afraid of the unknown isn’t a distant thought. Events can strike at any time and leave us feeling vulnerable. It happens in workplaces, in schools, in bars and restaurants – anywhere can be a target. Which means we have to take it upon ourselves to have lockdown and safety measures in place.

There is equipment available and suitable for any room that would be used as a controlled lockdown area. Emergency barricade devices are becoming more and more popular for areas that might have a large number of people in who need protecting. These devices can buy you more time when you’re in danger, allowing someone who has taken charge of the situation time to inform security services and the police from their hiding place.

Stay positive

It may be scary to think that we need products like this to stay safe, but when you look at recent events in the world over the last few years, it becomes obvious that personal safety, especially when minors are involved, is necessary. The threat of crime is hard to overlook.

Despite reports of attacks, knowing that there is equipment to help prevent unfortunate events occurring during moments of terror, gives some hope back to venerable people and to society. If every classroom or a safe room in each public place had lockdown devices and barricades, the public would feel much safer knowing that there was a simple way to protect themselves when they are out and about day-to-day.

The government promotes the RUN – HIDE – TELL exercise for when we are in danger. Meaning that we find somewhere safe as soon as possible, hide securely where we are unlikely to be discovered, and then call the authorities. When hiding, however, it can be easy to be discovered and put back in danger without the proper safety measures in place.

This is where lockdown emergency barricade devices come in.

When you can’t evacuate safely, lockdown

If the danger has reached a pivotal point where the individuals in danger cannot evacuate, then having a designated room designed as a safe room in case of emergency is paramount. This room should be equipped with fire extinguishers, a lockdown device for the doors, and locks on the windows.

Escaping should only be a choice when it is safe to do so. Always consider the safest option. Run or hide, then contact the authorities. Find cover where you can, ensure that you cannot be seen from windows or viewed from windowed doors. Be aware of the entrances and exits around you and barricade them if you can.

A lockdown device is the quickest type of barricade there is. They can be deployed in seconds when they’re needed, and they work completely independently – meaning that they are suitable for rooms without locks on the doors already. Devices are typically freestanding and lightweight, making them suitable for anyone to use. They can also be transferred to another access point within seconds if needed.

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