In-House Workers Vs. Outsourced Services: What’s Best For Commercial Cleaning?

In-House Workers Vs. Outsourced Services: What’s Best For Commercial Cleaning?

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Commercial offices and business premises must be cleaned regularly, without any compromises or cutting corners. Businesses owners and facility managers often have their confusions with regards to selecting between in-house workers and professional commercial cleaning services. In this post, we take a look at all the aspects, so that you can take a call.

Work involved

Hiring cleaners, janitors and workers on the payroll isn’t easy, because there are many things to consider. Additionally, you can never be sure if the hired professionals are actually experienced for their respective jobs. Paying salaries on time and monitoring performance are other aspects that must be considered. In case you don’t want to go into all that, outsourcing is the right choice. These services by the professional cleaning company team don’t require any supervision, and you can always complain if you are not happy with the job done.


Most commercial facility managers prefer outsourcing their requirements because of the price. There’s no denying that outsourcing is cheaper, because you don’t have to bear the additional costs and work that’s involved in maintaining people on payroll. Professional cleaning services will offer an estimate in advance, and you can expect to get a discount in certain cases. If you choose the right company, there’s nothing to worry about hidden costs and charges.


Individual workers may be good at their respective jobs, but collaborative work requires extra effort on your part. Outsourcing works because there will be a manager assigned for your contract, who will keep a check on everything. Also, commercial cleaning companies spend considerable amount of money on training their staff, so you don’t have to pay anything more for that. The best ones also train workers and cleaners for specific industries. For example, a worker who cleans healthcare facilities and surgical theatres will be guided on being empathetic and compassion to patients around.

Things to know

Before you select a commercial cleaning company for any job, make sure that you have reviewed the service well. They should be accommodating to ensure that the cleaning work is done before or after the working hours, and as required, they must be available to take up periodical cleaning jobs. You can also ask for a few references or check for reviews online.

It goes without saying that outsourcing works best for commercial cleaning needs, but do review your requirements before taking the final call.

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