What Is A Security System And How Does It Work?

What Is A Security System And How Does It Work?

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As the name certainly suggests, a security system is literally a means or method implemented by an individual or an organization to secure a space(s) with the help of a system of interworking components and devices. In this article, we’re going to discuss office security systems, which are a set of networks of integrated electronic devices functioning together with a central control panel to act as a protection against any criminal activity, and to record any evidence if it occurs. It’s important for any organization to routinely inspect the security system, and to routinely service security equipment for effective functioning. An efficient security system includes the following things:

  • A control panel, which is the main controller of an office’s security system
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors, both interior and exterior
  • Wired or wireless security cameras
  • A high-decibel siren or alarm
  • A yard sign and window stickers

How does a security system work?

  1. Control Panel

The control panel is the main controller or computer that arms and disarms the security system. It interacts with every installed component, activates the alarm when a security zone is breached, and interacts with an alarm monitoring company as well. They usually feature a keypad for user-friendly programming and communication. It’s where passcodes are entered to arm and disarm the system. It can also work on audio commands, and can be programmed to work with wireless remote controls as well, which are also called key fobs.

  1. Door and Window Sensors

They contain two parts installed adjacent to each other. One part is installed on the door or window, and the other on the door frame or window sill. The two parts of the sensor come into contact whenever a door or window is closed, which creates a security circuit. When the security is at the control panel, these sensors interact by reporting that the point of entry is secured. When a monitored door or window is suddenly opened, the circuit breaks and the control panel considers this as a breach of a secured zone. A high decibel alarm starts blaring, and in many cases the alarm monitoring company is notified automatically.

  1. Motion Sensors

When these are armed, a given space is protected by creating an invisible zone that cannot be breached without sounding the alarm. They are used to protect those spaces containing valuables.

  1. CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras are available in both wired and wireless configurations. They typically monitor:

  • Hard to see or distant areas of your organization
  • Remote spaces like parking lots, reception areas, etc.
  • Entry points, both exterior and interior

These surveillance cameras can be accessed remotely anywhere on your computers, smartphones, and tablets. They’re important to be used every time and everywhere in an office, to watch for any mishappenings that could occur in an organization. They’re also used to record any kind of security breaches in an office, as the evidence can be further seen in recorded footage, which includes a good look at the defaulter and other aspects too.

  1. High-decibel alarm

It’s quite loud enough for all the staff to hear. These alarms serve various purposes. They alert the people inside the office during a breach. They send the defaulter running, as the alarm is so loud that it also notifies the entire staff too.

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