Why Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUVs Are Still Ruling The Market

Why Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUVs Are Still Ruling The Market

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Since the G-class vehicles were introduced in the market about 39 years ago and it is now ruling the market of six continents of the world. Every year this SUV comes with some new improvements either in its advanced lighting system or in its classic shape, it always remained the first choice of any SUV lover.

Let us explore few good reasons why Mercedes G Class has been able to maintain its position for all these years.

  • Very different from any other SUV – If you look at any model of G-class vehicle of Mercedes-Benz then you will find its galvanized steel body and sturdy ladder frame are hand welded. All its frame materials are waxed and hence there is no chances of getting corroded. Its electrical harnesses are also manually loomed. Each of the vehicle needs more than 40 hours to craft it manually. That is the reason you get the right quality and strength in this SUV.

  • Personal attention for matching – Each of the handcrafted cabin is personally checked for its styles, colors and many other finer details. All the interiors are perfectly matched with personal attention.
  • Customize as per your choice – This G-class vehicle can be personalized as provisions are available to change its interior and exterior as per your own choice. You can display your own personal taste by doing your own customization.
  • Performance – As you drive on the road there are 3 lockable differentials that operate sequentially and display its masterful capability. You can also lock each of the differential in sequential manner with the help of buttons provided in the dashboard. This way you can achieve the ideal balance of traction and track as per the situation.
  • Attitude at the latitude – With the help of advanced V8 biturbo engine it is possible to generate 450 lb-ft torque and 416HP power with a displacement of 4 liters. You can reach from 0 to 100 Kmph just within 5.9 seconds.

  • Drive confidently during any season – This G-class powerful SUV sends power to all the four wheels by using electronic traction system and can get the grip on wet or snowy, muddy or uneven terrain or road.
  • Superior technology – With advanced technology, the driving of G-class SUVs has been made easier and safer. Radar has been used to control the speed of the vehicle by looking at the flow of traffic. There is rear view camera provided to check the rear view when you are in reverse gear, sensors for checking the surroundings. This ensures that you are totally safe while driving.

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